Mexico City

Day two started out by walking down Avenue Amsterdam which is located in Condesa, near the apartment I am living in.  It’s a lovely  leafy area, and I saw lots of joggers and a large amount of dogs walking or running with their owners.  I also noticed that the area is quite clean and well looked after.

My biggest challenge is my lack of Mexican language (spanish), I wanted to find somewhere to eat breakfast and because or that I felt like I walked around for hours looking for the perfect place.  There are plenty of places to eat, its just deciding, what.  There seems to be a lot of bread and gluten free does not appear to be an option as far as I could tell.

I found this quaint coffee shop and sat down and had a latte, (note to self get a English/Spanish dictionary ) I also succumbed to having a Mexican burger.   I sat outside soaking in the sun and people watching, it seems like there is a hype of activity here, and one thing I noticed is that they still have garbage men, all running behind the truck emptying the garbage into a big truck.

Surprisingly for a big city I noticed that the air quality is quite good, most people seem to drive small four cylinder cars, you do see the occasional big truck, but not as frequently as in Australia.  I did also notice a lot more honking of horns and bumper to bumper traffic.

After breakfast I ventured to try to locate the Frida Kahlo Museum in Coyoacán, for the average person who speaks the language, that would have been easy but  I must say I found it to be rather challenging not being able to speak the language.  Eventually, I got to the Museum, which took a bus and a series of changes on the metro and a rather long walk to the Museum.

I walked into and immediately fell in love with her work and got a sense of her character and determination, even though she didn’t live a long life by our current standards, her illness through polio and other accidents, showed her determination and was a real inspiration to me.

Here are a couple of her pieces of work

Work of Frida Khalo 140801 Mexico City-027 140801 Mexico City-063Fred Khalo 140801 Mexico City-055

For more information on her history

I spent a lovely two plus hours at the gallery and must say its well worth a visit to anyone travelling to Mexico City.  I did take these photos legally and paid for the privilege, but its only $65 pesos.

I then proceeded to the older part of town,  which is another walk and few changes in metro stations.  One thing I have noticed is that there is an apparent poverty disparity, lots of mothers on the street selling jewellery and other items.  I was a bit taken aback by this, as the children were also being trained by their parents to sell the goods, they couldn’t have been older than 7 or 8 in some cases.  I also noticed a lot of begging on the metro.

I finally got to the Palace and noticed more people and beautiful old cathedrals.  Unfortunately the square, which is normally vacant was filled with a temporary amusement park for kids so I wasn’t able to have the opportunity to take photos which I am sad about, perhaps the installation will be complete in a could of weeks when I come back through here.  If there was one thing I noticed in this precinct was the amount of street sellers, all yelling at the top of their lungs welling food to hats, ornaments, bags and other things, it was definitely crowded.

140801 Mexico City-094   140801 Mexico City-102

140801 Mexico City-106140801 Mexico City-089

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