Trip to Mexico

A photo of Frida Kahlo painting
A photo of Frida Kahlo painting

I arrived yesterday afternoon after a couple of flights one from Sydney to Los Angeles and then L.A to Mexico city.  Had a couple of friends on the same flight which was nice.  The flight was pretty full, I had three young children quite close to me and I thought that they would be disruptive but that was not the case.  I had a hard time going to sleep, in fact I think I only slept about two hours if I was lucky.

Arrived at Mexico City airport and then proceeded to get myself a taxi which you pre-pay.  I asked the driver to take me to Condesa which is a precinct in Mexico city.  Having absolutely no Spanish, was a bit of a problem as I tried to tell the driver that I needed to pick up the key from the owners of the apartment which is two blocks away, however he kept going around in circles and eventually we got to the place to pick up the key.  Then he decided to ask me for an additional $100 pesos.  Not too happy about that, but I did anyway.

I was then taken to the apartment and it is in a lovely part of town and reminds me a bit of Lygon st in Melbourne although it has a few more trees and a lovely walkway in the idle of the street.

About an hour after I arrived the owner of the apartment Angela had heard about the taxi debacle and insisted that she give me the $100 pesos back.  I was a bit taken aback but was  graciously appreciative of the gesture.

I had a well deserved shower and then went out to get myself some dinner and a nice corona beer.  Got back about 8pm and then went straight to bed.  I passed out and woke up about 1am but went back to sleep again after and woke again at 8am.  I felt like a teenager that slept 12 hours, but I guess I hadn’t slept for a long time and needed the rest.

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