Mexico City and Puebla

Got up early and had a final walk around the Condesa in Mexico City, walked along a beautiful park that had some nice sculpture.

140802 Mexico City-009140802 Mexico City-010140802 Mexico City-006

I then found this great art deco coffee shop named “Cafe Rococo which is apparently one of the top ten like it in the world according to the owner Santo Rosario, who I might add spoke good english.  Highly recommend it if someone is looking for a good coffee and a place to chill out for the morning.

140802 Mexico City-022 140802 Mexico City-019140802 Mexico City-021

It was sad to leave Mexico City, there is so much more to see and I plan to come back again and spend a couple more day there.  There is a certain cosmopolitan feel to the area I stayed in and the hosts and the air bnb, Angela and Moy were delightful.  They welcomed me with open arms and great hosts too.

Arrived in Puebla which is 2 hours south of Mexico City.  The journey was pleasant sitting next to an old friend from New England, USA Robert Dodson.  The landscape changed somewhat with a beautiful view of snow capped mountain side.  By the time we arrived I was pretty exhausted considering that I had been up since 4:30am.  I checked into the hotel, which took about an hour as there was only one person at the reception desk.

Its a nice old building in the heart of Puebla, the rooms are comfortable but a bit hot at night.

My first impressions of the city is the outstanding architecture which I plan to take photographs when time permits.  There seems to be a festive atmosphere here and the people are very friendly.  Still getting to grips with the language, but getting a bit better as time goes by.

I will report more soon.

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